Hand Swager Crimping Tool

At Wire Industrial & Marine, one of the questions we get most often from our customers is about the respective benefits of hand swager tools versus bench mounted swagers. How are these swaging tools different and which is better? more.

Wire Ferrule Crimping & Rope Swaging Tool

Are you in the market for new wire crimping tools? If so, look no further than Wire Industrial & Marine. We are your one-stop-shop for swage tools, hand swages, stainless steel wires, wire cutters and accessories, and anything else you might more.

Wire Swaging & Cable Ferrule Crimping Tool

Being able to swage or crimp your wires or cables cleanly and accurately is a must in many industries. Proper wire crimping, in turn, demands the right wire cable crimping tool for the job. While this concept seems simple enough, though, it can more.

Bench Mounted Ferrule Crimping Tool

Treating conductors is an integral part of marine and industrial work, so it’s critical to outfit your workshop with a proper crimping tool. Ideally, your crimper should be able to strip and crimp untreated conductors within mere seconds—and it more.

Synthetic Rope & Copper Swage Fittings

Engineers, construction companies, and individuals employed in heavy industry sectors routinely require synthetic ropes for lifting and rigging gear. These ropes require specific fittings to be safe and appropriate for use. Proper synthetic more.

Steel Wire Rope Clamp

If your cables and wires regularly need to travel through rough environments, you’ll need to make sure you’re using appropriate grips. Stainless steel wire rope grips protect your wires and prevent them from becoming damaged as you pull them, but they more.

Stainless Steel Wire

There are nearly infinite usages for high-grade stainless steel wire. From industrial fishing boats to the local school yard’s sporting nets, such a malleable material has found purpose in tool cabinets across the globe. Coupling two ends more.

Stainless Steel Wire Suppliers

Balustrades, hang gliders, cricket nets, military equipment, lighting, commercial fishing gear, and many other structures are built with a form of 2mm stainless steel wire. Builders and engineers have applauded stainless steel wire for its unmatched more.

Bench Wire Cutter

If you work with the most durable stainless steel wire on the market, it might not be a bad idea to invest in the strongest work bench wire cutter on the market. Wire riggers in all industries have trouble slicing the ideal sizes of wire on the job more.

Bench Swager

When you need to swage steel rigging, bench swagers give you the power you need to succeed. Although less portable than hand swagers, bench-mounted swagers allow you to bring one handed operation to the table more.

Best Swaging Tool

It may not seem easy at first to find the best swaging tool when you’re looking through the available options. Each offers a balance of functionality and quality construction against cost, but without firsthand experience, how more.

Hand Crimper

The importance of properly crimped wires isn’t always appreciated until after you’ve experienced the results of the technique, so keep yourself ready for any circumstance with quality hand crimpers. These are useful in any situation more.

Hand Swage Tool

You can ensure that your boat has will be properly rigged with suitable stainless steel cabling and wires, swaged with Dolphin hand swage tools. These convenient devices let you handle much of the basic work for rigging without a more.