About us

Suppliers of Swages and Swage Tools
& Fishing Products

We are an Australian online supplier and importer of wire, wire accessories and fishing products located in Allambie Heights on the northern beaches of Sydney. We can ship to all areas of Australia and internationally.

Established in 2011, we have supplied copper and aluminum swages and swaging tools for marine chandlers, architectural riggers, mining and construction, industrial lifting and rigging companies and yachtsmen for many years.

We can supply swages 1.5mm up to 6.5mm in nickel plated (Chrome) bright copper for stainless steel stranded wire or aluminum swages for galvanised stranded wire. We also stock a full range of machine press "Hydraulic" ferrules in the same sizes for industrial clients.

Wire Industrial & Marine swages have been used in Australian industry from mining to riggers, yachtsmen, marine chandlers, gymnasium equipment, hospital and therapeutic beds and equipment, architectural rigging such as balustrading, awnings, pergolas and lightning. Widely used in the commercial fishing industry and security of valuables in showrooms etc.

Most of Wire Industrial & Marine products are produced locally by an Australian manufacturer.

Wire Industrial & Marine swage tools are a heavy duty full bite tool that will crimp a swage 2-3 bites of the tool depending on swage size compared with 5-6 bites of other swage tools. This produces a much smoother and neater finish with no ridges or burrs to catch on clothing, sails etc or cuts and scratches to personnel.

See suitability statements & instructions for the correct use of the swage tool

Wire Industrial & Marine stocks a range of wire rope cutters from Japan, Taiwan and China to cut up to 10mm stranded wire rope. A neat cut to the end of the wire is essential to be able feed the wire through swage make a loop and back through the swage again, as the tolerance is by necessity a close fit.

Wire Industrial & Marine is one of the only suppliers of swages for synthetic ropes and shock cords. Available in sizes from 4mm to 12mm with corresponding swage tools for each size swage. Very few people can properly splice ropes and rope swages are a quick and neat method of creating an eye in rope.