Rope Swaging & Wire Crimping Tool

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Are you in the market for new wire crimping tools? If so, look no further than Wire Industrial & Marine. We are your one-stop-shop for swage tools, hand swages, stainless steel wires, wire cutters and accessories, and anything else you might need for a swaging project. We make it easy and affordable to purchase these supplies online, whether in bulk quantities or smaller orders. We also provide service, advice, and assistance to every customer—part of the reason we have repeat buyers in industries ranging from marine and fishing to mining and maintenance, all the way to camping and caravans.


Providing Quality Wire Rope Swage Products You Deserve

Why should you buy your stainless steel wire, hand swages or wire rope crimping tools from Wire Industrial & Marine? The top reason is the sheer levels of quality that our products provide across the board. We exclusively stock products from Dolphin Marine, a manufacturer that has been running for more than 40 years. Dolphin perfect the art of wire crimping and swaging—to the point where you can always count on Dolphin swages to hold strong.

Indeed, if swaged correctly, a wire will typically break before a Dolphin swage slips. Dolphin’s swages are designed in such a way that the copper or aluminum of the wire actually plasticise slightly during the swaging process. As a result, the swage material partially flows between the strands of the wire, ensuring a snug and secure fit. The wire would have to twist and pull at the same time to pull free of a Dolphin Marine swage.

If you are buying WIM swages, it’s best also to use wire or fibre rope swaging tools from WIM. Staying on brand ensures compatibility and guarantees the best results from the swages themselves. For this reason, Wire Industrial & Marine is proud to offer a full selection of Dolphin Marine products.

Please note that you should never use hand swages in any situation where personal safety is a concern. While Dolphin Marine swages are extremely secure, they are still hand swages. Products such as safety harnesses must be machine pressed by a licensed rigger and proof tested to be legal. No hand swage on the market—even the very finest products available—meets these lofty standards.

From Swages to Wire Rope Ferrule Crimping Tools, Get Affordable Freight Costs with Wire Industrial & Marine

The other factor that sets Wire Industrial & Marine apart from the competition is our affordable freight options. Especially for smaller businesses or tradies, there is a misconception that ordering online is only economical for bulk purchases. With us, that’s certainly not the case. Even if you are only buying small amounts of wire, a few swages, and a wire rope ferrule crimping tool, you will still get low freight costs. We also offer pickup options in the Sydney area, if you want to shop online and avoid freight costs altogether.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products,  freight options or product pricing, please contact us today by phone or email.