Hand Crimper

Improve Wire Longevity with Quality Hand Crimpers


The importance of properly crimped wires isn’t always appreciated until after you’ve experienced the results of the technique, so keep yourself ready for any circumstance with quality hand crimpers. These are useful in any situation where your wiring and cables are supported by supporting joists and other structural features.

Common Mistakes People Make About Wire Rope Crimpers

Hand rope crimpers are excellent and helpful tools, but they require proper usage for best effects.

  • A crimp is only as good as the material. Always ensure that you’re using high-quality wire, such as stainless steel, and strong terminals. If your terminals or wire are inappropriately sized, they may not perform as well as you anticipate.
  • “Measure twice, crimp once.” In addition to the materials, you must use wires cut to the correct length. If they are too short, the added strain can warp your structure or reduce the effectiveness of the rigging. If they are too long, the opposite problem occurs, and you have slackness on the wire.
  • Take the opportunity to become familiar with your rope crimpers in a safe, low-pressure setting. Experience and comfort with the tool is essential for effective use either on the water or job site when it’s time to act swiftly. Always have the best tool to hand for the job you need to do.

These tips go a long way to prepare you for effective use of your hand crimping tools.

Tips for Getting More Value out of the Hand Crimper

Improve your crimping from basic functionality to excellence with these pointers:

  • Rely on a quality brand with a proven track record and history of excellence. We carry Dolphin Marine tools that have decades of real experience and stress-testing in workshops, job sites, and boats across Australia.
  • Take advantage of others’ knowledge and experience. If you’re new to the DIY mentality and are looking to handle your own crimping, you can gain a lot by analysing the mistakes others and seeking advice. Our team is helpful and familiar with our products, so you can ask us any lingering questions.
  • In most cases, your hand crimpers will perform just how you’d like them to. They’re also portable so that you can bring them with you for last-minute or emergency fixes. Nevertheless, recognise those instances when it’s necessary for the added power of machine or workshop crimping.
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