Bench Mounted Ferrule Crimping Tool

Tips on Buying a Bench Mounted Ferrule Crimping Tool for Your Workshop or Vehicle


Treating conductors is an integral part of marine and industrial work, so it’s critical to outfit your workshop with a proper crimping tool. Ideally, your crimper should be able to strip and crimp untreated conductors within mere seconds—and it will be even more valuable if it lets you apply ferrules as well.

One of the best ways to purchase a tool that can take care of all these steps quickly is to look for a bench mounted crimping tool. Many of the best on the market offer ferrule application as a feature.


Why Choose a Bench Mounted Crimping Tool?

Buying a bench ferrule crimping tool can provide you with more advantages than just convenience. You’ll benefit from greater safety while using the device since its connection to your workbench will prevent it from moving or sliding during operation. A bench crimping tool also provides the user with the ability to keep one hand free, which makes it possible to hold the wire and swage exactly where you want them to be during the swaging process. State-of-the-art options come with different jaw attachments for wires of various sizes or even fibre ropes.

Bench ferrule crimping tools come with a lot of advantages, but some buyers might worry about their lack of portability. That’s why Wire Industrial & Marine offers tools that can easily be mounted on the rear of trucks and work utility vehicles. The ability to mount a bench crimping tool on the back of a moving vehicle is handy for professionals in mining and other heavy industries who require the strength and precision such tools offer but frequently need to move them. As such, we are highly trusted by clients in these fields.

How Wire Industrial & Marine Can Offer Superior Crimping Tools and Support

When you purchase one of our bench crimping tools, you’ll experience the following advantages:

  1. Versatile tools that can be mounted on walls and other solid surfaces in addition to benches. Speak with one of our associates to find out more about maximising the possibilities for your tool installation.
  2. A wide range of other available tools and accessories. Choose from thimbles, grips, shackles, and more. We also carry hand swages, stainless steel wires, and din machine press ferrules.
  3. Professionals with more than 40 years of industry knowledge. Our blog regularly features tips on how to use the tools we provide, and we’re always more than willing to give you advice in person when you contact us or visit our premises.

Make sure you always have tools that are suitable for your work. Contact the professionals at Wire Industrial & Marine today for more information on why our safe, reliable bench mounted crimpers are an ideal fit for your next job. One of our members will be happy to answer your questions and recommend an item for your needs.