Hand Swage Tool

Clean cut for wire with Dolphin wire cutters


You can ensure that your boat has will be properly rigged with suitable stainless steel cabling and wires, swaged with Dolphin hand swage tools. These convenient devices let you handle much of the basic work for rigging without a machine-pressed ferrule.

Related Services We Provide to Hand Swage Tools


We carry several related products to help your boat rigging:

  • Hand Swages – If you need some advice to get started before you use swaging tools to prepare your own rigging feel free to call. You can buy your hand swages from us directly. We carry many sizes 1.6mm up to 8mm in several different options including nickel-plated copper, plain copper and aluminium. We also carry synthetic rope swages 4mm -12mm also available in nickel-plated copper, plain copper and aluminium.
  • Stainless Steel Wire – Get the wire you need along with your swages to keep things in place. Your rigging experiences a lot of strain on the water, so use quality, reliable stainless steel wire. The material is strong, and together with quality swages, your boat will have the strength and support it needs.
  • Wire Cutters and Accessories – Quickly cut your wiring down to size, so you don’t have much extra dangling loosely and dangerously. We also carry thimbles in different sizes to keep your wires from straining and breaking prematurely. You can also find shackles, saddles, wire grips, turnbuckles, and an opportunity for special orders within our collection of accessories.

The Importance of Hand Swaging Tools for Wire Rope

Hand swaging tools give you several significant advantages for successful boating, and are essential tools to bring along even for the shortest voyage. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Hand swaging uses tools that fit conveniently in your toolbox. While you can use the swages and swage tools in your workshop in advance to prepare your rigging, the portable size lets you bring them along with you to handle any on-the-spot or emergency swaging and rigging repairs.
  • Our well-crafted swaging tools are chemically blackened to resist corrosion and that will prove both useful and long-lasting on your marine outings.
  • Always keep safety in mind by using quality wire with your swaging tools. Keep the weight pressure much lower than the limit with load tests of 200% for several hours before use. This kind of redundancy will keep your rigging in good shape and always keep an eye open for wear and fraying.

Why Wire Industrial and Marine Is Cost Effective
Wire Industrial and Marine offers reliable materials in a timely way. We focus on quality products with swift and friendly service. Our products are Australian-made and are known for their reliability and strength. As the best way to get Dolphin products online, Wire Industrial and Marine helps with all your wire crimping needs.

You can use our swaging tools and stainless-steel wire for more than just marine use. Meet your agricultural and industrial needs for projects both small and large with our swages, hand swaging tools, and accessories. You know best what you need from swaging tools but may not know the tool best suited for the job, so we’re happy to help you with any questions you have. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of hand swaging tools and more.