Hand Swager Crimping Tool

Which Is Better for Crimping: A Hand Swaging Tool or a Bench Mounted Swager?


At Wire Industrial & Marine, one of the questions we get most often from our customers is about the respective benefits of hand swage tools versus bench mounted swage tools. How are these swaging tools different and which is better?

‘Better,’ as you may expect, is in the eye of the beholder. The best swaging tool for the job depends on the application, situation, and client. Luckily, at Wire Industrial & Marine, we stock both bench-mounted and hand use tools for wire swaging. No matter which direction you decide to go in, we can recommend the perfect swaging tool for your purposes.

Hand Crimping Tools Versus Bench Mounter Swagers: Understanding the Difference

To understand the fundamental differences between hand swaging tools and bench mounted swaging tools, let’s talk a little bit about the bench mounted tools and why they are popular.

Simply put, bench mounted tools are ideal in many situations because they allow for extra versatility and usability. With a bench mounted tool, you will have a hand free to hold the wire and swage in the exact right position while swaging, This extra freedom makes it easier to stabilise the swaging process and increases the likelihood of a clean, perfect swage. As for versatility, bench tools are usually designed so that you can change out the swaging jaws when necessary. If you finish swaging one wire and then want to swage a different wire—or even a fibre rope—you can simply swap in a larger pair of swaging jaws.

These are the obvious advantages of a bench mounted swaging tool, but there are also drawbacks. The most obvious con is the lack of portability. The best reason to choose a hand swager tool is that you want or need something that you can carry in your pocket or a bag for easy access and quick on-the-fly use. Hand crimping tools also offer a slight pricing advantage over bench units.

With that said, it’s possible to achieve a certain level of portability with a bench mounted swager. These units don’t necessarily have to mount on a workbench in a factory or workshop. On the contrary, at Wire Industrial & Marine, we have sold many of these swaging tools to maintenance departments at mining sites and other worksites, who then have them mounted in creative ways, A bench mounted unit can be mounted on the wall, on the back of a truck bed, on the side of a work ute and more.

Find the Right Swaging Tool for Your Project

Whether you choose a bench mounted swager or a hand swaging tool, Wire Industrial & Marine can help you choose the perfect product for your project. We stock a variety of sizes in each swager category, perfect for swaging anything from small wires to fibre ropes. If you need help choosing the right swager, or if you have any specific questions about our products, please contact us today by phone or email.