Wire Rope Crimping Tool


Being able to swage or crimp your wires or cables cleanly and accurately is a must in many industries. Proper wire crimping, in turn, demands the right wire cable crimping tool for the job. While this concept seems simple enough, though, it can be difficult to decide which swaging tool is best for the job at hand. Especially for a customer buying their first swager, the market can be confusing at best.


At Wire Industrial & Marine, we try to simplify the process. Maybe you are a reseller and are trying to stock the swages and swaging tools that your buyers will need. Maybe you are preparing for a DIY project and need a swager. Regardless of why you are buying new swaging tools, we can help you find what you need.

Our Wire Swaging Tools: Hand and Bench Mounted and Ranging in Size

When you browse our selection of wire cable swaging tools online, you will see that Wire Industrial & Marine has a wide selection of tools in this department. Our crimping tools vary from one model to the next in a few different ways. First off, we have swagers that fall into two distinct categories: hand swaging tools and bench mounted swaging tools. The former tools are good for on-the-go applications, while the latter tend to be preferred for factory or workshop use. In either case, you can expect quality from Wire Industrial & Marine: we only stock swaging tools from Dolphin Marine, a reliable brand with a four-decade track record.

Secondly, our wire swaging tools vary in size from one unit to the next. As you might expect, most of our wire crimpers support numerous swage diameters. For instance, our smallest hand and bench mounted crimpers both allow you to swage wires to diameters of 1.6mm, 2mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm. On the high end, both our hand swagers and bench mounted swagers are a single hole tool and top out at 12mm. We also stock wire, wire rope, and fibre rope swages in each of these size classes, to ensure that our customers have all the hardware they need for a project.

Need Help? Call Wire Industrial & Marine Today

Our swages and swage tools are versatile because our customers require versatility. In the marine industry, our swages are used for small dinghies. In the mining industry, they are used for cable and light hanging. Caravans and campers use our rope swages. The list goes on and on and explains the extent of our product range.

If you need help finding the right swage or swaging tool for your purposes—or to stock for the customers are your store—feel free to get in touch. We can advise you about which swages are typically used for different industries. We provide fast and focused service for each customer, no matter the size of the order at hand. Whether you are looking for a specific cable ferrule crimping tool or plan on ordering a thousand 2.4mm swages, we can help you find the best product.