Synthetic Rope Swages

  • Australian made copper swages!
  • Rope swages available in nickel plated copper, plain copper and alloy!
  • Sizes including 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm.
  • Suitable for marine use or 1000's of industrial and architectural uses.
  • Full range of swage tools to suit!
  • Stainless steel thimbles available to suit! 
  • Available in packets of 50, 100, 500, 1000 or as a single item!

Synthetic Rope Swages Combi                                                                        






NRS-4.0 Nickel   4mm HST-4080 or BMST-4080 Smallest
CRS-4.0 Copper   4mm HST-4080 or BMST-4080 Smallest
NRS-6.0 Nickel   6mm HST-4080 or BMST-4080 Middle
CRS-6.0 Copper   6mm HST-4080 or BMST-4080 Middle
NRS-8.0 Nickel   7-8mm HST-4080 or BMST-4080   Largest 
CRS-8.0 Copper   7-8mm HST-4080 or BMST-4080 Largest
NRS-10.0 Nickel   10mm HST-1000 or BMST-1000 Single hole
CRS-10.0 Copper   10mm HST-1000 or BMST-1000 Single hole
NRS-12.0 Nickel   12mm HST-1200 or BMST-1200
Single hole
Copper   12mm HST-1200 or BMST-1200
Single hole
ARS-8.0 Alloy   8mm HST-0064 or BMST-0064 Single hole
ARS-10.0 Alloy   10mm HST-1000 or BMST-1000 Single hole
ARS-12.0 Alloy   12mm HST-1200 or BMST-1200 Single hole

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