BMST-1000 (10mm Fibre rope swage tool)

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Bench mounted swage tool 10mm synthetic rope

Single hole tool, 520mm long, suitable for heavy duty use on 10mm synthetic rope swages.    Weighs in at 5.5kg. (6.5kg with optional wire cutting head)

  • Australian made! Machined and assembled in Sydney from imported components!
  • Simple 1 handed operation leaving 1 hand free to accurately guide the work piece!
  • Safer operation as the tool can't move!
  • Copper & nickel swages on synthetic ropes & shock cord.
  • Different heads also available for the other sizes.
  • Get the most out of your bench mount tool with 8 optional interchangeable heads, bolt cutter, wire cutter & swage tool heads Interchangeable jaws.
  • Product suitability statement in PDF format BMST-1000
  • Swaging instructions PDF


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