Bench mounted tools

Bench mounted swage tools and wire cutter are the safest and easiest swage tools to use, you always have 1 hand free to hold your wire and swage "crimp" in the perfect position and there will be no slips... and no skin off knuckles because you tried to wedge the tool in the corner of your bench or against the wall of the house. Mining maintenance crews keep them bolted to the back of their work trucks and utes.

Bench mounted tools are a great way to have a multipurpose tool that is always setup and ready to use! Available with a range of interchangeable jaws you can swage every size from 1.5mm up to the 12mm synthetic rope swages and effortlessly cut stainless steel wire up to 6.4mm (1/4")



For a space saving idea you can wall mount the tool. It'll always be there, no chance of your "mate" borrowing it only to wonder where and when you last had your swage tool! If he really needs it he can come over, cut the cable, swage the wire and the tool never leaves your workshop.

A favourite of fishermen making up their traces for that record catch over the game fishing season.