Stainless steel wire 3.2mm

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3.2mm Stainless steel wire - 316 grade

  • AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel.
  • 7x19 construction = 133 individual wire strands for highest level of flexibility.
  • 7x7 construction = 49 wire strands / Still flexible yet slightly higher strength.
  • Used in marine, signage, landscaping, industrial, lighting, balustrading & so much more!
  • Also available in 7x7 plastic coated, white and black! 7x7 316 wire internal measurement and 4.8 mm external dimension.
  • 3.2mm diameter 7x19 with a breaking load of  approx 750kg (7x7 slightly stronger)
  • For use with  & NS-3.2 & CS-3.2
  • Easily cut with WRC-3.0 or  or HIT 4mm wire cutter.
  • Use a 3mm stainless steel thimble to protect the wire. SST-3.0   

               3.2 mm stainless steel wire             3.2 mm stainless steel wire

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