Stainless Steel Wire Suppliers


Balustrades, hang gliders, cricket nets, military equipment, lighting, commercial fishing gear, and many other structures are built with a form of 2mm stainless steel wire. Builders and engineers have applauded stainless steel wire for its unmatched combination of flexibility and strength. Using small clamping devices called swages, wire can be coupled together to create a nearly infinite variety of industrial-strength structures.


The structural weak point in any wire reinforced structure is generally the swages. Jagged clamping pressure can cut through the wire under extreme duress, which significantly limits the capabilities of the wire. Stainless steel wire suppliers have been looking for a way to fix this for many years.

We now have an intelligent solution for this issue. WIM in Australia provides swages made of nickel plated copper, which makes the wire coupling stronger than the wire itself. These swages grip the wire with copper, which applies evenly distributed pressure instead of focused pressure that can cause breakage. These swages are available for wire sizes ranging from 6.4 millimetres to 1.6 mm stainless steel wire.

1.6 mm Stainless Steel Wire and Larger, Available in High Quality and Low Unit Price

For all working needs and purposes of wire, high-quality equipment yields superior results. By having weight limits unhindered by faulty swages, the potential for design is expanding in ways that were previously not possible. On land and sea, simple 2.4 mm stainless steel wire is finding more uses and strengths than ever before.

Structures made with wire must be tested to hold 1.5 times their maximum load. Wire riggers must carefully design their structures to handle their required weights efficiently. Wire structures are prevalent in many industries, including marine, mining, military, fishing, and camping. All structures must be designed safely, with trustworthy wiring and swaging.

You may need equipment on short notice. An ideal stainless steel wire supplier understands that workplace needs can be pressing and ships all orders within one or two days. Sometimes, a whole work operation can be postponed for days while waiting for a simple few metres of wire. No workplace ever can afford for this to happen.

WIM Australia Provides Stainless Steel Wire & Innovated Swages

A reliable supplier of trustworthy products is integral to any work. At Wire Industrial & Marine we are happy to have been innovating wire structuring work for the duration of our time in this industry. Specifications of work sites call for explicit needs, and our representatives are always available to assist in the process of finding the right equipment.

Wire riggers recommend us for their discounted costs per metre on wire, and the innovated strength of our swages. High quality results are attainable with this equipment, in all its versatile uses and practicalities. This integrity of equipment is what makes us the military’s preference; these wires and swages are rumoured to be able to survive firefights. Why not get in touch with us to learn more?