Bench Wire Cutter

WIM Australia’s Bench Wire Cutter Cuts High Quality Wire with Ease Swager?


If you work with the most durable stainless steel wire on the market, it might not be a bad idea to invest in the strongest work bench wire cutter on the market. Wire riggers in all industries have trouble slicing the ideal sizes of wire on the job because stainless steel wire is getting stronger than the available cutters.

Your workbench is meant to be a place to handle any gritty tasks with ease. If you need to cut stainless steel wire, you may have wished you could cut through it with one hand in the past. This is now possible, with the leverage technologies of the WIM bench wire cutter.

Wire up to 6 mm can be cut through with one-handed ease now. With interchangeable cutter jaws available, you can slice all types of reinforced and galvanised wire with minimal exertion. This tool design’s primary function is saving time and space in the workplace.

There are also handheld wire cutters available, for those who are unable to bring their workbench to every job site. These handheld cutters are designed to be a portable, tool belt friendly rendition of the reliable bench wire cutter. By adapting the leverage technologies of the bench cutter into a portable tool, these handheld cutters allow heavy wire to be cut through like butter in all types of workplace situations.

Wire Industrial & Marine focuses on offering the best quality of wire, swages, and other wire tools to Australia. Tireless attention to the needs and purposes of wire riggers has earned us a place as the preferred wire and wire tool supplier of the Australian Navy and many other organisations. Consider buying WIM wire and wire equipment today.